MX Track

The track is not suited to novice/inexperienced or timid riders.

Track is approx
Length: 50% SX/ 50% MX
Lap Time: 60% SX/ 40% MX

It can be ridden as either a SX track, a MX track or as a combo, which is usually the way it's used. Lap times if it's used in it's entirety-in the low 1.30's is a fast time, Current lap record is 1.20.26 secs, set by Cody Cooper while preparing for the final round of the '09 NZ MX champs mid Nov '09 (He broke the previous record by over 4 seconds)

NZ championship level junior riders on 85cc bikes lap in the 1.35 - 1.40 second range.

The track is kept in a well maintained condition.

Jumps - 2 x step ups, 1 x big drop off, 5 doubles (11 - 20 m gaps) 1 quad, (usually ridden double in, double out), 2 triples- (12 - 22m gaps) 2 x whoops sections. Most corners are berms, but there are also a few flat rut & off camber corners.

Irrigation is provided by reticulated high pressure hoses (75% coverage including the entire SX section) working off a 25,000L water tank fed by 2 farm bores & a 5,000 L water cart covers the gaps giving about 90% coverage of the track.

Track charges: $20 per rider If we water it - $30 per rider

We can also rip the track on request for an additional charge.

All riders can use the workshop, swimming pool... as part of their fee

Bookings by appointment only, groups of 5 - 10 riders please (bring a few mates) phone 07 888 2995 to book.

All riders ride at their own risk & are required to sign an indemnity/disclaimer form prior to riding.

One of the bigger pluses is the whole track is able to be viewed at once from numerous vantage points behind the house, great for spectators & coaches.

The track is fairly free draining in winter, sand upramps on most jumps, the rest is either hard clay or topsoil.